Head to the Embroidery Shop for Custom Hats

Posted on October 25, 2022
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If you have a business, you know the importance of getting your brand “out there.” But how do you go about doing that? There are many ways to boost brand recognition, but they all come down to putting your logo and branding in front of as many eyes as possible. One of the most popular and effective ways to do that is with branded clothing. When first exploring branded clothing, most people turn to T-shirts. But we have a different idea: hats. Custom hats from your local embroidery shop are a great choice for your first go at branded clothing.

Here’s why you should head over to your local embroidery shop for custom hats for your business.


They look professional.

There are two basic options for custom clothing: embroidery and screen printing. While they both have their place, embroidery is the option that will give you a more professional look. It gives you a clean look that will last a long time and still look good after being worn for some time.


They fit almost everyone.

With other types of clothing, you have to worry about getting items in multiple sizes. With hats, they’re pretty much one-size-fits-all. Most hat styles are adjustable or designed to fit multiple people. You can cut out the logistics of figuring out how many items to order in each size and just buy your custom-embroidered hats in bulk.


They’re great for any season.

If you have your logo on shirts or jackets, people aren’t going to wear them all year. You can only show off your T-shirt in warm weather and you wait until it’s cool to sport a jacket. But hats know no season. Even if you get baseball caps from the embroidery shop, we all know some people who still wear those in the winter.


They’re cost-effective.

As we mentioned before, you don’t have to worry about sizes with hats. That means you can buy them in bulk and hand them out to your employees, customers, or team members. Because they are inexpensive, you can afford to hand them out as thank-you or promotional gifts. And because they look so great, people won’t think that you’re being cheap!


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