Custom Embroidery: Taking Your Game to New Levels

Posted on March 25, 2022
Custom Embroidery

No matter what sport you play, you want your team to look good. Whether you have an existing logo or need one designed for you, you want it to stand out on your team’s apparel and let the other team know you mean business. Speaking of business, custom embroidery is great for company apparel, too. For a clean, professional look that will last, custom embroidery is an excellent choice for a long-lasting addition to your team’s look. 


At Tri-Valley Sports and Apparel, we are here to make your team look its best. If you are thinking about custom embroidery for your sports team or company, here are a few things to consider.

Embroidery Lasts

The two most common methods of personalizing apparel are embroidery and screen printing. While screen printing is more cost-effective for high quantities, screen printing tends to crack and fade over time. Embroidery will stand the test of time because it is stitched right into the fabric. Custom embroidery is the better option for company shirts that representatives will wear for years to come or baseball caps that your team will proudly wear long after the season is over.

Catches the Eye

The goal of adding your company or team name or logo to a hat, shirt, or jacket is to catch someone’s eye and signal that you are a part of the team. Embroidery thread has a sheen to it that catches the light and draws attention to your team’s logo. Custom embroidery is often used for smaller, simpler designs that use only a few colors. When using the “less is more” approach, simple color contrast paired with the sheen of embroidery thread can really make your team’s logo pop. The embroidery thread catching the light also gives your design a three-dimensional quality that makes it stand out.

Consider your Fabric

Though you can get custom embroidery on pretty much anything, it works better on heavier fabrics that hold their shape. Custom embroidery is best on hats, jackets, fleeces, and polos. While embroidery still looks good on T-shirts and other garments made of lighter fabrics, the fabric tends to pucker and wrinkle near the embroidery, which can distract from your logo. You made a careful decision about what words and images you want to represent your group, and you want your design to look its best.

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