3 Tips for Ordering Custom Uniforms

Posted on August 24, 2022
custom uniforms

Whether your team is the reigning champion or the current underdog, stepping onto the playing field always brings emotion. From adrenaline to fear, every player feels something. But what if we told you that, as a coach or organization leader, you could help impact that feeling? With something as accessible as custom uniforms, your players will feel a boost of pride and confidence more than ever before.

However, there are a few things to consider before you jump in.


Personalized Options are a Must

You can create custom uniforms for your team all day long. However, without adding a personalized touch, your players probably won’t feel truly connected. By adding the player’s name and number to the uniform, you now have something unique that allows the player to stand out.


Know Your Sizes

While most printers have an abundance of sizes available, not all do – especially if you are searching for a particular brand or material. Before you commit to a uniform, be sure to know what sizes you’ll need. The last thing you want is for a player to feel left out or stand out with a uniform that is a bit different from the rest of the team.


Speaking of Materials

Another element that is often overlooked, but just as important, is the material of the uniform. Depending on the sport, different materials go best with different seasons. Material not only matters to appearance but to performance as well. For instance, during the hot summer months having a uniform made with dry-wicking materials can prove extremely useful.


Custom Uniforms from Tri-Valley Sports

No matter what sport you coach or play, having custom uniforms brings spirits to the next level. As you step onto the field, rink, or court – there is a sense of pride that helps your players stand above the competition. However, making the right choices when designing the uniform is key. 

At Tri-Valley Sports, our team of professionals provides decades of experience to ensure your uniforms are precisely what you had in mind (if not a little better). If you are not sure about certain decisions, we are here to help! Give us a call today at 508-533-5080 to learn more about the many directions you can take your team uniforms!


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