Custom Embroidery: 6 Intriguing Facts

Posted on August 15, 2020
custom embroidery

One of the best things about custom embroidery is the ability to create unique items. From business apparel to sports merchandise, adding a bit of flair to an otherwise plain product is an excellent way for your company to be noticed. At Tri-Valley Sports, we’re pros at embroidery and love to share our industry knowledge with our customers. Here are a few fun facts that you may or may not know about custom embroidery.

Custom embroidery is not just for shirts

Often, when one thinks about embroidery, sports uniforms or work polos are two of the top products that come to mind. However, thanks to the continuous advances in technology, the embroidery process has become much more diverse. Hats, duffle bags, and even umbrellas are not prime for customization. Of course, these are just a few items; the possibilities are endless when considering marketing your company or team.

The needle selection is crucial to the final result

Often underestimated, the needle is one of the most important elements of the custom embroidery process. Contrary to popular belief, needles are not a one size fits all solution. To select the proper needle for the job, one must consider the type of fabric. Sharp and blunt needles serve different purposes depending on the material. The size of the needle will also vary from one project to the next.

The first needles were crafted from bone.


Ancient embroidery was a sign of status

Items such as robes, handkerchiefs, pouches, and flags often included hand-stitched custom embroidery. Because of the time and exclusivity these items demanded, only the wealthiest and high-ranked were adorned with such luxuries during ancient times.

The first embroidery machines were invented in the early 1800s.

Logos are one of the most prominent features

In today’s world, custom embroidery is often used for marketing. Whether it is a team logo or your company’s logo, almost every item ordered utilizes a logo in some fashion.

Custom embroidery is a unique way to add personalization and flair to otherwise ordinary items. For more information on how our team at Tri-Valley Sports can help promote your company, contact us today at (508)-533-5080.