What is the Purpose of Embroidery?

Posted on June 16, 2020
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Chances are, you’ve heard the word embroidery at one time or another. However, many people lack a full understanding of what embroidery is and what purpose it serves. As the premier embroidery shop in Massachusetts, our team at Tri-Valley Sports would like to take this moment to delve a bit into the world we know best.

What you do with this information is up to you. While a new twist on trivia night is always fun, it’s also good to fully understand what you’re investing in. With our range of options around embroidery services, you can have hundreds of apparel items to market your company, or just a few custom items to present during a special event. Either way, knowledge is imperative.


Its origins

As early as 5th century B.C., there is evidence of stitching at its earliest beginnings. From ancient tombs to the Medieval European churches, needlework was handled by the highest-skilled craftsman. Fine linens and velvets worked with silk thread made the widely European export an eye-catching, must-have luxury to the wealthy.


Its purpose

Although exports made embroidery a luxury to desire, in ancient times, embroidery techniques served various purposes. From stitching animal skin together to make clothing, and reinforcing seams to prevent tearing, to communicative purposes, the use was vast.

For example, Ancient Greek civilization is known for its elaborate stitch work. However, these embellishments of color were strictly decorative and meant to make those adorned with the luxury stand out from the rest of the crowd. This trend quickly spread, and royalty stepped in. While many were trained, the law began to restrict the wearing of embroidered garments to specific classes of individuals.

With this segregation, embroidery became a sign of status and wealth. As the interest continued to grow, the demand for workers increased as embroidery requests spread far beyond clothing. Tapestries for walls, wagons, and horses became the beginning of an ever-growing industry.


Global appearances

Although we’re referencing European trends due to the significant impact on the industry, embroidery also played a role in several other cultures. In China, there is a long tradition of highly decorative embroidery on the ceremonial dress of the Imperial court. In Native American culture, embroidery was used for expressive purposes and worked into items such as medicine bags, jackets, and moccasins. Over in Italy, churches are adorned with some of the most embellished textiles in history.


Although this article is a mere dusting in the history of embroidery, we hope you’re intrigued!

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