The History of Embroidery

Posted on May 18, 2018

Embroidery is one of the oldest forms of clothing design and dates all the way back to 3,000 BC. An archaeological dig recently unearthed fossilized clothing, boots, and a hat that was heavily stitched and decorated. This long, rich history and recent technological advancements provide the opportunity for you to receive a product from an embroidery shop in MA that is centuries in the making.

Early Beginnings

Embroidery originated in the Middle East when people discovered that stitching, which was traditionally used to hold animal skins together for clothing, could be used for design and embellishment. During the early 1100’s, adornment and embroidered cloth were starting to become a status symbol. Wealthy people would have pearls and other objects sewn into their clothing. During this time, embroidery  also adorned religious attire.

Embroidery is Decorative Art

Although using stitching to decorate clothing was already widely popular, applying patches and mending clothing also further developed the idea of using sewing and stitch patterns as a decorative form of art. The type of yarn used also helped to dictate the style possibilities. Thicker thread made the embellishment more noticeable, as did use a thread color that was vastly different than the material. At our embroidery shop in MA, we understand that you want a product that is functional, but also looks good.


Technological Evolution

Many shops rely on technology to decorate their products, although you can still find hand embroidered items. Machines are available that can transfer digital files into individual embroidery files. The process is similar to printing; only the device uses thread rather than ink to transfer the image. Advances like this also allow you to stitch numerous articles of clothing in a brief amount of time.

Regardless if you’re looking for beautiful team jerseys or professional polos for your sales team, Tri-Valley Sports has the equipment to fulfill your goals. We offer a fully stocked library of stock designs at our embroidery shop in MA, or we can translate your existing logo into an embroidered masterpiece. For more information, please call 508-533-5080.