The Evolution of Custom Embroidery

Posted on October 18, 2018

These days, it’s easy to get any image you can imagine printed or embroidered on anything. Here at Tri-Valley, we have tons of images for you to choose from, or we can take any digital file and turn it into a stitched work of art. But it hasn’t always been this way. Take a peek at how we got to where we are today. Make sure you check out the professionals here at Tri-Valley Sports for all your custom embroidery needs.

A Shift in Thinking

Embroidery came into popularity longer ago than you might think. People started putting extra stitches in their clothes as early as 3 B.C. Back then, however, it was used to reinforce the clothing and make it less susceptible to tears. Ancient Greek mythology, however, hints that adding additional stitches to clothing was a way to make them more decorative and make those who wore the items stand out. Today, embroidery is traditionally used for decoration.

What Can You Embroider?

Short answer? Everything. It involves stitching colored threads in a predetermined pattern, and the result is a beautiful and unique image or design. You can have anything stitched into almost any material – from company logos to patterns or even your name. Whether you’re looking for something original or a gift for the whole team, embroidered apparel is the way to go.

Method to the Madness

So, how is it possible to be able to stitch any design or image you can think of? Way back when, these designs were hand stitched into each piece, but that’s no longer the case. Here at Tri-Valley, our high tech machinery uses laser precision to match each color on a digital image and make sure each stitch is precisely where it needs to be. This also guarantees that each piece will look the same, which is perfect if you’re ordering gifts for a team or organization.

There you have it. Embroidery started as a way to separate yourself from others, and now it’s the perfect way to connect a team or organization. For more information about custom embroidery, call 508-533-5080 to speak with one of our professionals.