The Best Fabrics for Embroidery

Posted on May 25, 2023
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Custom embroidery is a popular way to personalize clothes, hats, bags, and other fabric products. Embroidery makes these items stand out, which is great for promotional products, team uniforms, or even your personal style. If you’re looking for custom embroidery in Framingham, MA, you’re looking for us at Tri-Valley Sports! We do top-of-the-line machine embroidery for nearly any use.


But what are the best fabrics for machine embroidery? Let’s take a look.



Cotton is a popular choice for embroidery due to its smooth and stable weave. It is relatively easy to work with and holds embroidery stitches well. Embroidery projects often use cotton fabrics like broadcloth, twill, and quilting cotton. Embroidered polos are common and are great for everyday wear and employee uniforms.



Silk fabrics, such as silk dupioni or silk satin, are often chosen for high-end or delicate embroidery projects. It has a luxurious appearance and drapes beautifully. However, it can be slippery, so proper stabilization and careful handling are essential. You probably won’t use silk for your sports team or employee uniforms. Custom-embroidered silk is usually reserved for intimate and personal items.



Wool fabrics, such as wool felt or wool blends, are commonly used for machine embroidery. It has a soft texture and can create a cozy, textured effect. Additionally, wool holds dense embroidery designs well. Team jackets embroidered with your team’s logo, the players’ names, and even their numbers are all great ways to show off team spirit with embroidery on wool garments.


Synthetic Fabrics

Certain synthetic fabrics, like polyester and nylon, can be good choices for machine embroidery. They often have a smooth surface that allows stitches to be visible and vibrant. Polyester blends are commonly used for embroidery on sportswear and performance fabrics. Embroidery on activewear adds an extra element of personalization and often has a cleaner and more attractive look than screen printing.


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Whether you need uniforms for your sports team or want to show your employees your appreciation with a personalized gift, Tri-Valley Sports has you covered with embroidery in Framingham, MA. Check out our catalog of available products and work with our design team to create professional personalized items.


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