Step Up Your Game with Massachusetts Embroidery

Posted on September 25, 2021
embroidery massachusetts

There is nothing more intimidating than a team that dresses to impress. Imagine your team walking in with matching custom equipment. Your opponent will be shaking in their shoes before you even begin to play. At Tri-Valley Sports, we specialize in embroidery in Massachusetts. Whether you are looking for a custom logo or name we can help! We have a wide range of colors and designs that will make your team stand out. Here at Tri-Valley Sports, the options are endless. Here are a few ideas to inspire your team’s custom embroidery.


Logo Design From Our Collection

Are you interested in upping your team’s game but lack creativity? That’s completely alright. You still have a right to pick a great logo for your team that will be eye-catching and flashy. At Tri-Valley Sports, we have built up a plethora of designs over 30 years. You can look through these designs and find the right one for your team. In addition, we have access to Dakota Collectibles Online Catalog which has everything you could want and more! We will work with you to buy a logo from there and give your team that cohesive look. 


Custom Designs

Sometimes inspiration hits and you may have a very clear vision of what you are looking for. We are here to foster that creativity and make your design ideas come to life! Whether that means changing aspects of a co-existing logo and making it more personalized. In addition, our artists can also take any design that you have made and turn it into an embroidery file. Imagine seeing your artwork on the sleeve of the team’s jersey. With numerous thread colors, we will work with you once the design is finalized so that you can choose which color fits the vibe of your team! 


Product Options

Incorporating such a personal touch into your team’s appearance is special. That’s why we offer numerous products that you can add that embroidery too. Perhaps you are looking for custom golf or rugby shirts. We can embroider Polo Shirts with your custom logo or company name. Another popular option is having names and logos embroidered into team jackets, bags, or even hats. No matter the product, you can give your team a unified look from head to toe.


Embroidery in Massachusetts at Tri-Valley Sports

We can do more than just sport team apparel at Tri-Valley Sports. We can also help out schools, associations, and businesses! We can easily handle large orders, and turnaround is typically about ten days. Make us your go-to when it comes to embroidery in Massachusetts. We here at Tri-Valley Sports can make you look your best! 


For more information about embroidery in Massachusetts, contact us or give us a call at (508) 533-5080!