Making Screen Printing Items Unique

Posted on June 7, 2017

screen printing in Medway, MAScreen printing items are often thought of rather inexpressive and basic items. Still, there are lot of ways you can use the technology to make the products more expressive and unique so you stand out from the pack. Here at Tri-Valley Sports, we believe in offering unique screen printing in Medway, MA with an added touch.

Below, see how you can utilize screen printing technology to make your products as close to your ideal vision as possible.

Play With Different Fabrics

Sure, cotton is a common (and comfortable) fabric that works well for all kinds of designs. However, there are even more fabrics out there that make products comfortable. Tri-Valley Sports works with Under Armour to create the most comfortable options for your screen printing needs!


Do you have a nickname or design you want marked on your personal clothing? It is fun to have a unique identity and add a little bit of fun to a standard product to make it stand out. In addition to our screen printing in Medway, MA services, we also offer embroidery for a variety of products.

Use New Colors

If you are someone who typically uses neutral colors, try something a little bit outside of the box and order different, exciting colors. You just may find a new color combination or go-to shade that you like, and it is always fun to give your items a fresh new appearance. Or, try some items that are already funky, like tie-dye or dip-dye shirts!

Though screen printed items may seem a bit standard and streamlined, technology has come a long way to make even the most essential items unique and fun. When you require excellent screen printing in Medway, MA, you can rely on Tri-Valley Sports. Give us a call at (508)-533-5080!