Items That Embroidery Enhances

Posted on November 9, 2017
custom embroidery

Though screen printing has been a go-to for customized apparel, the best details can be the most subtle. Embroidery is a popular, simple way to add some tasteful personalization to your apparel, and it is a great service. It offers both identification and class for your clothing, and there are plenty fashion items that look their best with a touch of well-done embroidery. The following are some of the most common, and most complimentary, items to personalize. If you are searching for quality embroidery in Wrentham, MA, look no further than Tri-Valley Sports!


Polos are a comfortable, but professional, shirt that works well for uniforms. When you are making custom shirts for your workplace team, they are a very distinguished option. Since they are so versatile and made well, embroidery is a perfect fit to make them look even more polished. Whether it is a nickname or your organization’s logo, it will certainly look great!


One of the most comfortable options for merchandise out there, hats are a simple but effective way to broadcast a brand. Embroidery is a great way to make such a simple item look even more vibrant. When you wear a hat, everyone is going to see it – so you may as well have something cool stitched into it!


For your team captains or other distinguished personnel, you can spruce up a uniform with a simple embroidery. It keeps the team spirit alive, but makes the item something completely unique that the person you gift it to will treasure. Try it on a sports jacket or sweatshirt as well!


Sweatshirts are very comfortable, and come in a variety of colors. They are a beloved comfort item, despite how plain they can be. Getting some embroidery done on a sweatshirt adds a bit of personality to a more static product. It can be personal or celebrate an organization. No one will have a hoodie quite like yours when you get it embroidered.

These are just a few items that can benefit from a custom embroidery job. It is a very effective way to personalize and distinguish your clothing, so check it out! If you are seeking embroidery in Wrentham, MA, Tri-Valley Sports are more than willing to help. For more information, give us a call at (508)-533-5080!