Interesting Facts About Embroidery

Posted on December 25, 2021
Custom Embroidery

Do you want to look as good as you play? Looking game-day ready should be a priority! At Tri-Valley Sports, we want to give you and your team the confidence you need to win both on and off the field. Our team will help you create a uniform to help you stand out with custom embroidery and screen printing. In this article are some facts that you may not know about embroidery. 


The Origin of Embroidery

The origin of embroidery dates back to the Cro-Magnon days (around 30,000 B.C) from China and the Near East. Heavily stitched garments of clothing were found in fossilized remains. However, they did not nearly have the technology and machines we have today to stitch and create our clothing, so they had to stitch every little piece and line by hand.


Custom Embroidery Today

Today, we have the power of machines on your sides to save from the months it could have taken to hand stitch one piece. Embroidery machines can run up to 1,000 stitches in one minute. In addition, a basic embroidery piece can have over 7,500 stitches in its designs. Even in one square inch of embroidered fabric, there can be close to 2,000 stitches. 


Types of Embroidery

Some might not know that there are a handful of different types of embroidery patterns. There are counted thread, outline, whitework, candlewicking, patchwork, shadow work, and fish scale. Each different type brings a unique look and style to the custom embroidery!

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Placement Is Everything 

The most common placement for people to get a custom embroidery piece is the upper left side of the chest. With that said, it is the perfect placement for school crests, names, initials, company logos, and more. While it is the most common spot, it is far from the only place to have embroidery on your custom jerseys and team gear. You don’t have to go with a shirt though, we also offer hats, jackets, socks, and bags, too.  


Custom Gear, Custom Confidence

At Tri-Valley Sport, we offer dozens of pieces of custom embroidery and screen printed gear to dress you head to toe in confidence. We allow you to customize everything that you order, and we will do the rest. All you have to do is contact us today and so that you are looking your best for the next game or company retreat.