Do You Want Unique Custom Uniforms in MA?

Posted on May 25, 2021
custom uniforms ma

Are you looking to translate your awesome logo or design ideas to a variety of apparel? Screen printing and embroidery is an easy way to make that happen! Screen printing, in particular, is a prevalent medium due to its versatility. Embroidery is another great way to add small details to apparel to make the product truly yours. With both of them, custom uniforms in MA are a breeze! At Tri-Valley Sports, our specialty is large orders to make your business and team look great! Here are a few things to think about to create a unique custom uniform!


Logo or Graphics


Do you have your logo or graphic ready? Great! We can help you choose the best place to put it on your desired type of apparel. To start working on your order, we need artwork or an idea of what you want your custom uniform design to look like.




When it comes to choosing what colors to make your uniforms, make sure they’ll stand out! It’s a good idea to choose something that will compliment your logo or graphic design without making it difficult to see or read. Black, white, or gray are always great neutral colors.




If your current logo does not come with a specific font, it’s time to think about what you’d like! Something simple and straightforward will be easy to read from farther distances away. Curly or flowy fonts are more challenging to read if someone is moving around!


Apparel Style 


At Tri-Valley Sports, we have high-quality uniform apparel from many different brands like Underarmor, Augusta, Alleson Atheltic, and more. We supply uniforms for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. Want something for cold weather? How about lettermen jackets and sweatshirts!




A custom uniform in MA isn’t complete without accessories. Therefore, If you want a logo on hats, socks, or athletic bags, we have your back! They’re the perfect gift for team members or your employees.


custom uniform ma


Custom Uniforms in MA at Tri-Valley Sports


We can do more than just sports team apparel at Tri-Valley Sports– we can also help out schools, associations, and businesses! We can easily handle large orders, and turnaround is typically about ten days. For more information about that, visit our FAQ page.


To place an order for custom uniforms in MA, visit our website or call us at 508-533-5080!