Designing Your Screen Printed Product

Posted on January 19, 2018
custom screen printing

You may have heard about custom screen printing before, but never taken the time to invest in it. The whole process may seem foreign to you, so we at Tri-Valley Sports want to help you out and get you familiar with the steps you need to take to have a quality finished screen printed product.



1.) Pick your design

The reason you invested in custom screen printing is for a new product with a great, never-seen-before design, right? Make sure the first thing you have cemented is the image you want to project. Send us a graphic or choose from our logo library and find the right look for a solid foundation.


2.) Consider the colors

Now that you have a base design, think about the color wheel and what could work well with your design. Whether you want to make your design pop or want to choose something that compliments it, finding a color that you love is a “must.”


3.) Know your size – and the distributors

We carry multiple brands at Tri-Valley Graphics, and some fit different than others. Your go-to small sized Charles River Apparel tee may be a medium according to Gildan’s size chart. Take a mental note of your size, and ask us how the brands fit. You’ll want to be comfortable.


4.) Think about other options

Do you want to purchase just a simple clothing item, or are you interested in some more fun accessories like keychains or mugs? Think about what you’re interested in and plan accordingly. You never know how a design will translate!


5.) Place your order!

Once you have the types of items and quantity you want set, make an appointment with Tri-Valley Sports! We’ll make your vision come to life on a quality product. You won’t be disappointed.



Now that you’re well-versed in the process, give Tri-Valley Sports a call at (508)-533-5080 and see what custom screen printing services we can provide for you!