Custom Masks Make Wearing Masks Easier for Kids!

Posted on October 19, 2020
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During this unprecedented time, your favorite embroidery shop in Milford, MA, is here to keep things fun! As children go back to school and adjust to social requirements, wearing a mask is a must. However adaptable children may seem, the more we can help as adults, the easier their transition becomes.

At Tri-Valley Sports, we’re offering our customers the unique opportunity to create customized embroidered masks for their ones! From butterflies to monster mouths, bearded faces to rainbows, we have something for everyone! In this article, we’re looking at some best practices to get your little one excited about wearing their mask.


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Talk to them with honesty and simplicity

Tossing a mask on your child with no explanation can be a scary thing. Instead, have an open, friendly conversation with them. Gently explaining why masks are required and how they’ll protect your little one (in words they’ll understand) will help get them on board.


Answer their questions

As any parent knows, kids have questions. And sometimes a lot of them. Be sure to set aside the time to converse and answer every one of the questions they may have for you. Remember, every question is a good question, and your answers will help set them at ease.


Start wearing masks slowly

Like anything you do, a sudden onset can work against the desired result. This is also true when trying to get your child comfortable in a mask. It’s crucial to start slow here. Start by talking about how to properly wear your mask and the dos and don’ts of handling it. From there, wear one with them! A few minutes here and there will go a long way once they are expected to wear them for extended periods.


Let them help with the custom embroidery

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is to let them help chose their design! Kids love being involved, especially when it concerns them. With an endless array of custom embroidery options, your child can design a mask that he or she will be excited to wear!


No matter which plan of action you try, customizing a mask that your child will love is a sure way to get them excited! As the number one embroidery shop in Milford, MA, our team at Tri-Valley Sports is here to help. For more information on custom embroidery, contact our team today by calling (508) 533-5080.


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