MA Embroidery for Every Sport

Posted on December 18, 2018
custom uniforms

At Tri Valley Sports, we’re committed to providing professional, high quality MA embroidery products to all our customers. An embroidered product can improve team spirit and unify almost any group of people. The first thing that likely comes to mind is uniforms or jerseys, but did you know you can embroider almost everything? What can we embroider for your team?


Aside from jerseys, you may have a hard time coming up with hockey equipment that you can embroider. How many times have you gotten your socks mixed up with a teammates? It may seem insignificant – all socks are the same, right? But some may be more worn than others, or washed more (or less) frequently, leading to discoloration. Therefore, make sure you keep everyone looking put together and uniform by embroidering numbers on the backs of hockey socks, where only the players can see.


Swimmers don’t even wear traditional clothes while participating, so they can’t possibly need to embroider anything, right? Not true! Embroidering team names or logos onto bathing suits is an excellent alternative to screen printing. It will maintain its look and colors longer, and you don’t have to worry about the harsh effects of pool chemicals. Just make sure it’s not too thick – don’t want to cause any unnecessary drag!

Every Sport!

More traditional team sports, like football, soccer, or baseball, have similar opportunities for MA embroidery. Choosing warm-ups like sweatpants and jackets or team bags with an embroidered look can bring an unparalleled, professional look to your team. Embroidery can withstand tough use without fading or becoming otherwise damaged. Embroidery is great for more rough and tumble activities.

Tri-Valley Sports is a team too! Our years of experience and talent, combined with high quality materials and state of the art equipment, results in an MA embroidery product you and your team will be proud to represent. For more information, please give us a call at 508-533-5080.