3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite MA Embroidery Shop

Posted on August 25, 2021
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At Tri-Valley Sports, we take extraordinary measures to ensure our customers feel like family. With that, our company has become the go-to for decades in the greater Boston area. Whether corporate apparel or custom team uniforms, Tri-Valley Sports is undoubtedly a well-known name. However, many folks are still searching through options trying to decide which MA embroidery shop is best capable of their needs. Well, here is a few reasons why you should always contact our professionals first.


We create brand awareness.

Often, when a company owners seeks an embroidery shop, it’s to help build their brand awareness. With embroidery, you have the ability to place your company’s logo on nearly anything. However, for those starting out, you may not have a logo established. Does this mean you can’t create brand awareness? Certainly not!

At Tri-Valley Sports, we are not only masters of custom embroidery, but we are also a team of designers that can help build your brand. From logo inception to placing it upon polo shirts, umbrellas, athletic bags, and so on, our experts can help take your brand to the next level.


Everything we do is with a personalized touch.

If you stop for a moment to think of recent experiences – whether retail or dining, what are the elements of your experience that would make your return (or not)? No matter what the answer is, the overall element is your experience. Without a personable and friendly experience, chances are, you’re not returning.

At Tri-Valley Sports, we understand this simple concept, which is why every interaction is handled with care. From the moment we first speak with a customer to the follow-up after delivery, our team is here to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


Tri-Valley Sports is the only MA embroidery shop specializing in large orders.

While we have a six piece minimum for custom embroidery orders, the maximum is limited only by your imagination. Need 50 pieces? No problem? How about 200? Still no problem. Depending on the project, our years of experience and knowledge enable Tri-Valley Sports the ability to think outside of the box and provide a number of ways to achieve your goal.


At Tri-Valley Sports, our professionals specialize in creating solutions that exceed your needs. Whether you’re building a brand or looking for custom uniforms that stand above the rest, we got you. As the number one MA embroidery shop, you can have confidence when you come to Tri-Valley Sports.

Contact our team today for more information and pricing at (508) 533-5080.