Custom Embroidery: Hats for Your Employees

Posted on May 15, 2019
custom embroidery

In a world saturated with companies, it’s crucial to make your business stand out from the rest.  Marketing efforts of all kinds are available.  From digital marketing to social media, having your name, and your logo, be seen is key to survival.  However, what if you could make your employees feel appreciated while marketing your brand? You can! With custom embroidery you can provide your workers with logo wear that makes them feel appreciated.  At the same time, you are creating a way to market the company as people wear their new gear outside the workplace.  Hats are a versatile item that is great for any time of the year.


Visors are great for the summer months.  Providing a way to protect your face from the hot sun, yet allowing the heat to escape your head, visors are the ideal summer headwear.  Perhaps your company has a golf work league or is often on the road.  If so, consider custom embroidery on visors as a way to sport your business logo. A perfect way to let the golf course competition know who they’re playing.  Further, custom visors are an excellent way to identify your workers if they are making business calls on the road.


Baseball Caps

Similar to visors, baseball caps provide the same on-the-go benefits.  However, because the skull is closed, you are apt to keep more body heat.  Perhaps some of your employees prefer the cap over the visor.  If this is the case, your custom logo wear order could contain a mixture of both caps and visors.  Even further, you have the option to choose different colors for your caps.  By providing a variety of options to your employees, you are ensuring that people get something they like.  Thus, you’re not wasting your money on items that will be tossed into the backseat and forgotten.



A perfect option for the cold New England months, beanies are becoming more common every year.  Not only on the personal side, but many businesses have chosen to utilize custom embroidery services for marketing purposes.  Companies such as Love Your Melon, are dominating the beanie industry.  Because of their success, the beanie has gained a vast amount of popularity over the past few years.


For more information on how to get your custom embroidery order underway, contact the professionals at Tri-Valley Sports & Apparel.  Featuring designer brands from Under Armour to Gildan, they are sure to meet the needs of all.  Visit them online or call today at (508) 533-5080.